Sharol Penner's report on House of Refuge Mission's Booth at Homeless Connect


Homeless Connect was a great success.

We had a U shaped space and had the use of one full end with a inner curtained off wall and a narrow isle on one side which ESN (Edmonton Street News) used and a wider isle on the other used for the prayer area. I made a Prayer sign for the prayer space, a House of Refuge Mission board with our services, also a "How we Operate" display board, and a tray with helping hands border (raised edge).

I completed (with help from my daughter Hope) the 450 floral broaches, we gave away almost all of them, also 120 chocolate roses, quite a few bibles, tracs, key chains with John 3:16 stickers, We prayed with some and took some written prayer requests and got one name for a volunteer.

Linda made a picture board which was a great success and brought alot of enjoyment to many, she also brought the sheet handouts, (lots left over to use in October at next event)

People who came to man booth : Linda, Angelique, Naomi, Sharon, Kelly, Marvin, Bob, Madison (my grand daughter) self, and those who checked in : Lorna, Calvin, Bill.

We had a busy booth, and a special thank you was given to me personally at the service booth for my efforts on broaches and give aways which brought the media in to film us, Global, CTV, and CBC radio interviewed me.  

Glory to The Lord.

Am feeling rested now finally.

In Christ Service unto His return
Jesus Loves you

The House of Refuge Mission is an Christian based independently run Inner-City Gospel Mission located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our focus is to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and through our faith provide food and assistance for people who are suffering in many ways.        

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